Summer Update

So, I planned on making this whole update thing a regular event,but, like so many things in life ti kind of took a back seat. Anywho (Seuss joke) things are really great! Thank you to Fox 25, the DAily Oklahoman, and The Oklahoma Gazzette for giving us such great press! (we beat out Lyric performing the Sound of Music in the top ten things to do in the Oklahoman this past weekend, hah!) And thanks to the actors, technicians, patient families and audience for your tremendous support!

So on to new stuff! Monday July 21 at 7pm we will be hosting auditions for Advice From a Busboy. This is a world premier of a play written by our own artistic director, me (Mark Morris) it is my fourth full length play to write and produce and I am excited about it! I've been asked a number of times what it is about,'s about how and why we place value on people. Why is it that some people's advice is like gold while others we totally ignore even when they are right and we know it?

Mario is a mute dishwasher, nobody pays much attention to him unitl, through a series of events they begin to suspect that he has won a large sum of moneyn in a lottery. People who formerly would not have given Mario a second glance now find his silent "advice" to be invaluable. Here is a link to the first few pages of the script. I hope you enjoy it.

For the younger ones be sure to check out the new links on the top right corner of the main page for more info regarding Summer camps! That's all for now!