HELP! Family Theatre Warehouse lost valuable assets yesterday afternoon when someone came into the Morris house (our executive director) and walked off with the studios digital video and still cameras. Not to mention the Wii game disks our kids lost, most of which they earned the money for themselves, mean people stink out loud!! (they did not get the console though, which my children received as a Christmas gift, we literally met a man in a parking lot to pick the sucker up...bu that's another story)

As many of you know we don't make much money in this biz and we buy precious little in the way of luxury items, but they got some of the best! It is very near the anniversary of the "great tool heist" three years ago when the overhead door of the studio was left unlocked and somone made off with over four thaousand in power tools. (I'm a carpenter, I buy the best, they should have lasted me the rest of my life)

When the tool heist went down the good people of OKC helped us replace our entire workshop in time to save the show a few weeks later. We haven't asked for your help since then until now, but, unfortunately we cannot afford insurance for contents, only the structure of our house is covered.

We rely heavily on every avenue of free publicity available and these two tools were among the most used for that purpose. Most of the images and all of the video on our sites was created with these two cameras, so, here's how you can help. While we would love to accept your cash donations, (and we will if you offer it) we can not offer tax exemption, so, instead we are asking you to help us replace these very important items by doing the following:

First, we have half heartedly been engaged in an ink/toner cartridge and cell phone recycling program through . They will purchase used cell phones and empty ink and toner cartridges. If you have any of those type items you can bring them to the studio at 907 W. Britton Road Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4-9 Wed. from 3:30-5 or call 848-7469 to make an appointment.

Second, buy tickets! We have two exciting productions coming up and we would love to be able to tape and take pictures (our photo sales go toward providing scholarships for deserving students who can not afford our classes) and we would love to sell every seat! So, even if you can't make it, buy tickets! You can give them away yourself or we will find people who otherwise would not be able to attend to fill those seats, either way its a win win! And it helps us promote through word of mouth!

To see what your donations will help us produce check out the new S.E.E.D.S.Tv site to see what our film making camps have been up to. This is grass roots quality entertainment at its finest, but without our cameras its kind of tough!

PS the goal is $1500 to replace the items we had with comparable quality merchandise. If we can go the ink cartridge route they also offer ann incentives program that trades our cash credit for AV gear and we might be able to get a better deal that way.


Time Flies!

Time flies when you're having fun. We have been at Family Theatre Warehouse coming up on five years this July and things just keep getting better.

What a week! The cast of All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten opened with a bang last Friday and Saturday evening. There are three more shows left! Friday at 7pm, Saturday at 2 & 7. Tickets are available at, look up Family Theatre Warehouse, hope to see you there!

Saturday we had auditions for the next Family Theatre Group classic Tickets will be available soon. Check out the Family Theatre Group site for a cast list and more info on the auditions.

Tickets will be going on sale in just a couple of weeks for the Spring Academy Finale, keep your eyes open for more information coming soon!

We have been asked to attend a festival for all of the arts magnet schools in the Okc district on May 3rd, looking forward to seeing you there.

Be sure to check out our other great sites for more exciting news about all of our work here at FTW, thaks for your support!